A Look into 15 Companies Owned By Aliko Dangote

Aliko Dangote, the wealthiest Black billionaire globally and the founder of Dangote Group, has played a vital role in shaping Africa's business landscape and elevating Nigeria to become one of the most industrialized nations on the continent.

Dangote's wealth predominantly originates from his dominant 86.81-percent stake in Dangote Cement, the largest cement company in Africa, making him the wealthiest investor on the Nigerian Exchange (NGX). Additionally, he holds stakes in several other prominent Nigerian companies on the NGX, including Dangote Sugar, NASCON Allied Industries, Jaiz Bank, and Tony Elumelu's United Bank for Africa. His staggering net worth of $10.8 billion ranks him as the richest Black billionaire worldwide and the second-wealthiest individual in Africa. However, the title of Africa's richest was recently taken over by South African billionaire Johann Rupert, who surpassed Dangote's wealth in June.

Investingport has diligently identified and compiled numerous companies and holdings associated with Dangote, showcasing the extensive breadth and scale of his business empire. He holds direct or indirect ownership in these companies, exemplifying the vast scope of his entrepreneurial endeavors.

  • Dangote Cement: Aliko Dangote's immense wealth primarily stems from his 86.6-percent ownership in Dangote Cement Plc, the largest cement maker in Africa. The company produces an impressive 51.55 million tonnes of cement annually across ten countries. Currently, Dangote Cement holds the title of the most valuable company on the NGX (Nigerian Stock Exchange) with a market capitalization of N6 trillion ($7.6 billion), representing about 16.9 percent of the entire exchange. Dangote plans to further increase the production capacity of Dangote Cement by establishing a new integrated cement plant in Itori, Ogun State, with a capacity of 6 million metric tonnes.

  • Dangote Sinotruk: With a substantial investment of $100 million, this cutting-edge plant, located in Ikeja, has the impressive capability to manufacture 10,000 trucks annually. Under this joint venture, Dangote Group holds the majority ownership, with a 60-percent stake, while Sinotruk possesses the remaining 40 percent, solidifying their commitment to the venture and enhancing their presence in the truck manufacturing sector. Back in 2017, Dangote Industries took a major stride by establishing a state-of-the-art truck assembly plant in Lagos through a strategic partnership with the Chinese company National Heavy Duty Truck Group (SINOTRUK).

  • Petroleum Refinery & Petrochemicals Plant: Under the leadership of Dangote, the Dangote Group has ventured into the oil and gas sector by establishing the remarkable Dangote Oil Refinery. Boasting an incredible capacity to refine 650,000 barrels of crude oil, this petroleum complex has earned the prestigious title of being the world's largest single-train facility. In a momentous event in May 2023, the refinery was inaugurated with ambitious goals. Notably, it aims to meet the entirety of Nigeria's refined petroleum demand, while also generating an annual surplus earmarked for export. This surplus is anticipated to bring in an impressive $11 billion in revenue.

  • Dangote Fertilizer: Proudly holding the distinction of being Africa's largest Urea Plant, Dangote Fertilizer Limited (DFL) has made an impressive investment of $2.5 billion into this venture. March 2022 marked a significant milestone for the Dangote Group as the Dangote Fertilizer Plant commenced operations in Lagos, strategically positioned within the Lekki Free Zone. With a remarkable production capacity of 3 million tonnes per annum, the plant is set to play a crucial role in the region's agricultural and economic growth.

  • Nascon Allied Industries: With factories in Oregun, Apapa, and Port Harcourt, the company has a total installed capacity of 400,000 tonnes per year for bags and 100,000 tonnes per year for sachets, catering to both industrial and domestic markets. Nascon Allied Industries Plc, a subsidiary of Dangote Group, is a leading producer of edible salt in Nigeria. Their product range includes iodine-fortified kitchen salt, fine butter salt, granulated kitchen salt, and industrial salt. 

  • Jaiz Bank Plc: Under the umbrella of his enterprise, Dangote Industries Limited, Dangote possesses a significant share of 7.24 percent in Jaiz Bank Plc, which translates to 2,500,000,000 ordinary shares worth $6.29 million. Jaiz Bank Plc stands as a prominent Nigerian non-interest banking institution headquartered in Abuja, offering a diverse array of banking services, including savings, current, investment, and term deposit accounts. Additionally, the bank extends financing solutions for automobiles, household appliances, and school fees, catering to various financial needs in the region.

  • United Bank for Africa: Within the United Bank for Africa (UBA), a renowned pan-African financial services group that operates across 20 African countries, as well as in France, the UK, and the United States, Dangote maintains an impressive stake of 301,971,608 shares. UBA secures the 14th position in value on the NGX, showcasing its prominence in the market with a notable market capitalization of N510 billion ($641.36 million).

  • Twister B.V.: Back in 2016, Dangote Industries Limited made a significant acquisition, purchasing Twister B.V. from Shell Technology Ventures Fund. Operating from its base in the Netherlands, Twister B.V. is a leading expert in providing gas processing solutions tailored to the needs of the oil and gas industries. Their specialized offerings include cutting-edge conditioning systems, hydrate separators, as well as top-notch engineering design and consulting services. This strategic move further solidified Dangote Industries' position in the energy sector and enabled them to offer innovative solutions to the oil and gas markets.

  • Dangote Sugar: With a market capitalization of N352 billion ($442.75 million), Dangote Sugar is the largest sugar refining company in Sub-Saharan Africa. It has been listed on the NGX since March 8, 2007, and Dangote holds a substantial ownership stake of 72.7 percent in the company.

  • Dangote Sinotruk: This state-of-the-art plant boasts an impressive annual production capacity of 10,000 trucks. In this collaborative venture, Dangote Group maintains the majority ownership with a 60-percent stake, while Sinotruk holds the remaining 40 percent, highlighting their mutual commitment and shared interest in the plant's success. Dangote Industries joined forces with the Chinese company SINOTRUK to establish the "Dangote-SINOTRUK Plant," a remarkable $100-million truck assembly facility situated in Lagos, precisely in Ikeja.

  • Greenview Development Nigeria Limited (GDNL): Greenview Development Nigeria Limited (GDNL) serves as the terminal operating division of the esteemed Dangote Group. Its primary responsibility lies in managing and overseeing operations at Terminal E, situated within the bustling Lagos Port Complex (LPC) in Apapa, Lagos.

  • Dangote Agro Sacks Limited: The company operates three factories, strategically located in Ikeja, Lagos, and an additional one in Obajana, Kogi State. Dangote Agro Sacks produces an array of high-quality bags, including woven, laminated, and A.D. star cement sacks, catering to diverse packaging needs. Dangote Agro Sacks Limited specializes in manufacturing bags for packaging the goods produced by various companies within the Dangote Group.

  • Saipem Dangote E&C: Saipem, a prominent Italian oilfield services multinational, forged a strategic partnership with Dangote Industries Limited, resulting in the establishment of Saipem Dangote E&C. This dynamic firm specializes in managing and executing intricate Engineering & Construction projects across the African continent. Through this collaborative endeavor, the two companies combine their expertise to deliver exceptional solutions and drive development in the region's engineering and construction sector.

  • DIL Power Limited: The Dangote Oil Fired Power Plant, a robust 400MW power project, is under the ownership of DIL Power Limited.

  • Dangote Granite Mines Limited: In Nigeria's southwest region, specifically in Ogun State, the Dangote Group boasts ownership and operation of an extensive granite mine.

Dangote's business empire extends far beyond cement, encompassing sugar, salt, oil, fertilizer, and packaged food industries. His influence in the global oil market was further solidified with the recent commissioning of the Dangote Petroleum Refinery and Petrochemicals Plant, and his highly anticipated Dangote Fertilizer Plant, which commenced operations in March 2022, boasts an impressive annual production capacity of up to 2.8 million tonnes of urea.

With diverse interests spanning various sectors across Nigeria and Africa, Dangote's expansive ventures under Dangote Group have established him as Nigeria's second-largest employer, just behind the country's Federal Government.

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