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How we treat the information you provide

Below is our privacy policy about how the information on this website is being used. We respect our reader's privacy and we are committed to protecting it to the best of our ability.

How we use your information

When you sign up for our newsletters this means you permit us to send you newsletters when they become available. Your email is for newsletter purposes only and we do not plan to use it for anything else. However, we unknowingly use it for other things.

Membership: some part of our website requires our members to sign in and we may ask for your name and email address. We will try our best to protect your information and we will not knowingly misuse your information. Signing up for our newsletter and giving us your email address serves as consenting to us and permitting us to use the information that we collect about you.

Note: We may collect and process your information if the law requires us to.

We want you to know that we may use your information for business purposes. Also, if we run ads on our website, our ad providers may use your information to market to you based on your interest.

As of now, we are not collecting any extremely personal information like your address and other personal infomation. We are not collecting any payment option and we will not ask you for your credit card information.


We plan to run a 3rd party ads in the feature, and the ads provider may use your location, IP address to market to you.

They may market to you based on your age, sex, neighborhood, career and personal interest.


For marketing purposes, we may use your name and email address.

We do not have any unique personal online identifiers in places right now but we may use that in the future.


You are in control of this and we will not abuse this privileged as you can modify your browsing data collection preferences from your browser.

If you need to learn how to modify this, please visit this page as a guide

Note: if you want to remove Google Analytics and DoubleClick cookies, please go to and respectively. You should be aware that this will affect your Google cookies on all sites, and not just ours.

Your personal information

Our goal is to protect your information the best way we can, all the information that you provide to us is stored in a secured server. Your email, names, and payment information (when applicable), is password protected and we will continue to change our password periodically to ensure the safety of your information.

We are concerned about protecting your information, but we cannot guarantee the security of any information that you give us. Please understand that you are giving us your information at your own risk, and you have the right to not give us your information.

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