A lot of CEOs and cooperate insiders are selling stocks at a very high rates and investors need to pay attention.

Our records show that CEOs and corporate insiders, are selling stocks at a record number and it’s time to see how much this will impact the stock market. The stock market is trading at all-time high and these CEO and insiders are taking advantage of it and they are pulling funds to fund their financial problems and to enrich themselves.


A total of $69 billion in stock were sold in 2021.


Here is the list of notable CEO that sold billions of stocks


·      Elon Musk sold 10billion worth of Tesla stocks

·      Jeff Bezos sold 9.97 billion worth of Amazon stocks

·      Mark Zuckerberg sold 4.47 billion worth of Meta(Facebook stocks)

·      Larry Page sold 1.55 billion worth of stocks

·      Sergey Brin sold $1.52 billion worth of stocks

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