A lot of stocks are down now here are the list of stocks to keep an eye on

A lot of stocks are trading at an all-time low, some trading far below the level we have ever seen them trade before. Some of these stocks are suffering this year but we may see them get back to normal and better in the near future.


Our job at Investingport is to help you identify these stocks. Stocks that are forgiven but still have good business models. A lot of businesses are seeing customers daily but the stock price is down due to inflation, the Ukraine war, and many other reasons.


These are also stocks that we think can weather the storm.



Here is the list of stocks that we will be watching closely.


Way fair stock – down 61.04%. YTD

Moderna stock -  down 39.4%. YTD

Starbuck stock.  – down 35% YTD

Costco Stock    -   down – 2.23 YTD

UNP stock     -     down – 4.43%. YTD




Both BRK.B and BRK.A is trading along with Berkshire Hathaway’s stock and then we have GNNDX, a fund managed by top investor Joel Greenblatt.


BRK.B stock is up barely 9.57% YTD

BRK.A stock is also up 9.36%.  YTD

GNNDX is down.  7.42%.   YTD

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