Black Receipt Campaign for Black Businesses Generated $5 million in 16 days

The ongoing protest against police brutality and other related racial discriminations against blacks in the United States has led some big corporations to use their wealth and influence to trigger social change and great opportunities for black in the States. It is against this background that Kezia M. Williams, the CEO of The Black upStart, used her Black Receipt campaign to call upon all those aligned with the Black Lives Matter movement to protest with their dollars.

Williams partnered with Torrence Reed, the CEO of Zoom Technologies; Darryl Perkins, the co-founder of Broccoli City; Talib Graves Manns, CEO of Knox Street Studios, and thought leader 19 Keys to launch the My Black Receipt campaign. The campaign encourages companies and corporations to spend their money on assisting black-owned startups and black-owned businesses in underdeveloped states. Thereafter, the company, corporation, or individual would then post the receipt of their expenses on social media. 

According to Williams, the campaign has recorded more than 18,000 online customers and more than $5million in revenue for black businesses since its launch in June this year. This success was recorded in just 16 days after its launch

On this success, William expressed her joy and further plan for the movement. 

"Thanks to ALL of YOU for submitting YOUR receipts. WE MADE HISTORY!!! The first-ever Buy Black movement quantified, and the first digital Black Wall Street built with actual dollars spent with Black Businesses YOU CHOOSE in physical & digital neighborhoods across the world. You built this foundation. And, our foundation is strong because of YOU!"

“We are starting to talk about how this technology can incentivize buying Black long-term, not just in response to protests, and how we can build a community around the recirculation of the dollar using technology,” said Williams, according to Because of Them We Can."

Williams added that she hoped to use the data collected to learn more about black-owned businesses and improve spending habits. She also hopes to use the data to learn more about consumer preference between online and traditional shopping to aid Black businesses.

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