Black Woman-Owned Bookstore in Chicago Overwhelmed by Increased Sales

The ongoing global revolution against the dehumanizing treatments of blacks in the United States has been bringing with it a good turnaround in the demand and supply of black-owned company services. This is not limited to stocks and trading services alone. Other black-owned businesses are reaping positive results triggered by the movement and the awareness that follows suite. Just last week, Popcoms company, a black-owned technological and software retail company revealed that it was able to raise $1.3 million from crowdfunding within these 47 days. 

On Sunday, Danielle Mullen, a black woman who is also the owner of the Semicolon Bookstore revealed that the global Black Lives Matter campaign has had a huge positive impact on her business. Danielle revealed that her weekly sales have improved with more than 100% of what it used to be. She says that her bookstore has gone from selling just 3,000 books per week to selling more than 50,000 books. 

As a black-owned business, Danielle says that her business is committed to having a direct impact on raising literacy around the city of Chicago and beyond. Danielle added that beyond the online service rendered by the company, it now has a physical store located at 515 North Halsted Street. “We were created with one thing in mind – community,” She added. 

According to The New York Times, many black-owned bookstore are also experiencing similar results. The increase in the sales sometimes made the order so overwhelming that they can’t “manage the deluge of orders”

In fact, Danielle admits that sometimes keeping up with the order gets so challenging and overwhelming that she is forced to unplug the store’s phone.  She said “we now have almost 60,000 followers on Instagram and we are a bookstore! We had probably 3,500 to 5,000 followers before.” 

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