Bua foods PLC continues gain ground on Dangote, reports N120 billion revenue in Q3

BUA foods is becoming a dominant company like Dangote groups and the company is seeing success with what its recent financial reports are saying to investors.


BUA Foods PLC in its 2022 Q3 reported revenue of N120.5 billion, that’s N34 billion Naira more than what it reported in 2021 Q3 when the company reported N86.5 billion.


Here are the rest of the financial numbers from BUA Foods.


Gross Profit

2022 Q3: N41.1 billion 


2021 Q3: N26.6 billion


Change: +54.51%


Operating profit


2022 Q3: N33.7 billion 


2021 Q3: N21.8 billion


Change: +55.59%


Finance charges


2022 Q3: N2.251 billion 


2021 Q3: N2.334 billion


Change: -3.56%


Pre-tax profit

2022 Q3: N31.9billion


2021 Q3: N19.8 billion


Change: +61.1%


Net Profit after tax 


2022 Q3: N30.05 billion


2021 Q3: N18.19 billion


Change: +65.2%


Cash in hand

2022 Q3: N41.4 billion


2021 Q3: N30.3 billion


Change: +36.63%


BUA foods is changing form by becoming a household product like Dangote group. The company’s share is selling for  N54 per share, and the company has N41.4 billion in cash.


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