Can Amazon reach $4,000 per share? Jefferies Analyst Brent Thill Raised Amazon's price target

Jefferies analyst Brent Thill thinks Amazon stock will reach a new high and stay there for along time. It's very evident how important Amazon's market place is to the world when the Coronavirus pandemic unleashed its fatality onto the world. 

The pandemic has forced the world leaders to enforce a stay at a home order in other to slow the virus down. However, people's life must go on. They need their essential products, food, toiletries, workout equipment, and other daily essentials items. And the only company that is equipped to deliver at this time is Amazon. Amazon has all the tools to get items to shoppers on the next day shipping option. The company can deliver faster than other companies out there, they can get items to shoppers around the world and this means that a lot of shoppers will continue to rely on them. 

Amazon stock (AMZN) is currently selling at $2,364.00, it's been up by over $1,000.00 since the Coronavirus pandemic starts to kill a lot of people and it may continue to surge higher.  

Amazon’s market cap is One trillion one hundred and eighty-one billion ($1,181.1 B), with $2,462.00 52-weeks-high price.  And now Jefferies analyst said Amazon stock is going to $4,000.00 per share. 

Brent Thill, an analyst with Jefferies made a bold call that Amazon stock per share is heading to, $4,000, the stock is already up about 40% from mid-March. “This confirms our belief that Amazon will benefit from COVID-19,” he said. 

Jefferies Group is worth $44 billion in assets, the Wall Street investment bank gave Amazon 12-months to reach the target price. On Tuesday. Jefferies expects AMZN to trade at $2,800 per share by April 2021. That would be about 20% of the current price of Monday’s closing price of $2,328.12 per share.

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