Charterhouse has Established its Inaugural Overseas School in Africa

Dr Alex Peterken, Head at Charterhouse UK, expressed his excitement at the opening of the school, saying, "Charterhouse Lagos will provide a British education in the heart of Nigeria. The teams from both schools share values and educational standards and have worked tirelessly to create a unique and wonderful opportunity for children in Lagos."

Charterhouse Lagos will deliver an exceptional education to students between 11 to 16, tailored to suit the requirements of the Nigerian education system. The school has a team of proficient and seasoned educators at the forefront, making it well-positioned to be a model of academic excellence in the region.

The Director of Education and Founding Head of Charterhouse Lagos, Mr John Todd, expressed his pride in bringing Charterhouse to Nigeria, saying, "The team in Lagos is proud to bring Charterhouse to Nigeria and looks forward to working together to make a real difference to so many lives over the coming years. Nigeria and Lagos deserve a world-class school, and Charterhouse Lagos is set to bring that dream to fruition for so many families."

Charterhouse Lagos will provide a comprehensive and diverse curriculum, comprising a wide range of academic subjects and extracurricular activities that are specifically designed to motivate and stimulate students. Moreover, the school will boast cutting-edge facilities such as well-equipped science labs, music and drama studios, as well as top-notch sports facilities.

In conclusion, the opening of Charterhouse Lagos is set to be a turning point in the provision of quality education in Nigeria. With its world-class facilities and highly qualified team of educators, Charterhouse Lagos is well-positioned to become a leading light in education in Africa. We wish the school every success in its endeavors to provide an outstanding education to the children of Lagos.

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