Chauncey Billups’s Wendy’s Franchise

Former NBA star and now coach, Chauncey Billups is also benefitting from the culinary business world.

After 17 seasons at the NBA, Billups decided it was time to move on to his next line of interest off the court. The retired NBA player is putting his entrepreneurial skills to work by building his post-basketball portfolio in business.

In 2013, Billups teamed up with former NBA player Junior Bridgeman to buy 30 Wendy’s locations. He has successfully built a diversified entrepreneurial portfolio that includes his restaurant businesses and independent stylist and cosmetologists franchise Salon Plaza. He opened the first location of Salon Plaza in Southfield, Michigan in August, 2020, and says there would be more to come.

To become eligible for a Wendy’s franchise, applicants must have a minimum net worth of $5 million and liquid assets of at least $2 million. Other costs required include $5,000 application fee and $50,000 technical assistant fee, per restaurant over a 20-year firm.

Other Business Interests

Billups is considering expanding his Salon Plaza business to other locations in Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Atlanta. He considers the salon business as a fast-growing sector and is determined to make a difference in the community with personal and professional values.

“I remember my aunties, cousins, and others close to me who had their own businesses, but were doing it out of their basements,” Billups said. “Now, we’re making it possible for people to get into a business of their own in a one-of-a-kind environment with fantastic amenities and top-notch design.”

The former NBA player is also running a market test with fitness club Rise Nation, which offers cardio climbing equipment and workouts that he uses himself. “Our Rise Nation locations are in Denver. It’s an active community and our business is doing well there.”

Billups is a multi-brand franchisee, who owns a total of more than 40 units including Wendy’s, Salon Plaza, and Rise Nation. He has spent 7 years in franchising and his current position.

Speaking of his decision to leave basketball for business, Billups said there were many investment and business opportunities that jumped at him while he was at the NBA – opportunities that seemed too juicy. He got to regret some of them, nevertheless, kept pushing. The former NBA star admitted that “running a business is far more challenging than basketball,” but says he sees similarities in value in both.

“Given my competitive spirit and the edge I like to have in everything I do, I want to have my whole self involved. However, I balance a lot and I am able to do it well thanks to the team I work with,” Billups said. “With all of that said, no matter what you get into, it’s always a risk, and at the end of the day, for me, you have to be willing to lose. But now I have a team, processes, and systems that mitigate threats to our businesses and we’re in a position to win with all of our business endeavors.”

Personal Details

Chauncey Billups is a former NBA player. He is married to Piper Billups and they have three daughters together: Cydney, Ciara, and Cenaiya.

Billups was nicknamed “Mr. Big Shot” in the 2004 NBA Championship with the Detroit Pistons where his team defeated the Los Angeles Lakers, and he was named Finals MVP.

Net Worth

As of 2020, Chancy Billups is worth $45 million.

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