Elon Much keeps selling stock but Tesla share price won’t go lower than $1,000

Elon Musk needed to sell $20,000,000,000 worth of stocks, he’s been selling a lot of Tesla Shares gradually and he sold $1,000,000,000 worth of stocks yesterday.  


According to the financial filling this week, Elon Musk sold $1.05 billion in stock on Tuesday, November 23, 2021, and he has sold a total of $9.85 billion in stock in the past two weeks.


He has about $10 billion more to sell and Tesla stock (TSLA) price is still balanced so far? The stock is still trading over $1,000 per share.  

Tesla stock Quarterly financials
(USD)Sep 2021Y/Y
Net income1.62B
Diluted EPS1.44
Net profit margin11.76%
Earnings calls
Q3 2021Beat 15.22%Beat 0.40%

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