GameStop buying frenzy continues as Billionaire Investor Chamath Palihapitiya buys GME stock options

Chamath Palihapitiya is the CEO of Social Capital and he also owns Golden State Warriors. Normally, guys like him do not disclose what stocks they are buying but now there is a new way of doing business on Wallstreet. Reddit investors and Robinhood investors have come to decentralize how the stock market works. 


Today, Chamath revealed on Twitter that he bought 50 contracts of February $115 calls of GME Stock. This means he is also bullish on the stock despite the stock price.  GameStop Stock GME is trading at $89.72 per share, but it was trading at $17 at the beginning of the year, that a 423% increase. 


Shockingly, Billionaire Chamath agrees with Robinhood traders and Reddit traders that GameStop stock can still go up from here. 


Click here to read about stock options, Call options, etc. 


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