Gilead’s Remdesivir coronavirus treatment to cost $3,210

Gilead Science Remdesivir coronavirus treatment cost. Keynote:Patients treated under government programs will pay $2,340Patients with private insurance will pay $3,120 A couple of months ago, Gilead Sciences joined in the race to develop a Covid-19 treatment. After a series of clinical phase trials, Gilead is set to start remdesivir treatments in July 2020. On Monday, the company announced its pricing plans ahead of when treatments will commence. The drugmaker says it will sell the remdesivir treatment for $390 per vial to governments of “developed” countries, and $520 per vial to private insurance companies in the U.S. That means, the price for government programs like Medicare will be lower than that of private insurance companies in the U.S.Since Gilead received emergency use authorization in May, it has been donating doses to the United States government for distribution ever since. Gilead was also the first company to get an emergency use authorization for the treatm...

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