Glover Evolves into Sub-Saharan Africa’s Leading Digital Asset Marketplace

 Nigerians and enormous Africans have not welcomed the gift card civilization wholeheartedly, a civilization which is favorable in other climes guaranteeing a thriving gift card business. It’s not complicated to explain, this is because of the numerous business blockers on that corridor; one of which is the no-refund scheme of gift cards globally. Prompted by the no-refund scheme of Giftcards globally, which prohibited some of the gift card cultures, a remedy was born. Glover saw the desire to convert the gift card narrative by giving a remedy for the gift card ecosystem in Africa by giving a digital investments marketplace uniting customers for foreign and local gift cards, the first gift cards in sub-Saharan Africa.


The Glover commenced as a fintech corporation 8in March 2021 with the concept of procuring an online arena where users can be reserved or traded for digital assets, assisting to raise a fresh investment class of individuals with access to economic vacancies, hence, heightening economic inclusion and enhancing equity in line with the SDG 2030 goals. As a lifestyle category that promotes ease, comfort, and security of monetary deals in the digital domain, the tech denomination is stabilized to boost the gifting civilization of Nigerians and Africans at vast. For good criterion, they exhibit thrilling monetary actions that satisfy the unexpected lifestyle needs of their customers. Services include the sale of gift cards, payment of cable and electricity bills, trade of perfect money, and airtime to currency modifications.


On inception of projects, Glover erected a platform enabling the seamless trade of value within an exclusively integrated ecosystem to enable cashless trades at par with transnational best practices, then gift cards primary duties were inaugurated and put forward to the public: Giftcards, Refill, and Airtime to cash, all pioneering inventions welcome in our era and our clime. The solace, anarchy, and velocity with which these duties were delivered shortly won them the confidence of prospects with considerable benignancy to boot. The brand in its distinctive disposition exceeded goals and instantly suited, comprehended for its catchphrase – ‘Xchange For Value’.


But never sloping on it's, the brand is set on better, with its sights stable on sending extra for the prospect and the tech business. Associated with surging intentions in hops and ends for its brand commitment, the tech brand is not flickering in approximating and even outweighing them. Prompted by its excitement to do extra, it has honed its vision and aspirations to something more robust, more aspirational, and more global. Something all Nigerians and Africans will be proud of on the global tech stage. This and many more have thus informed the brand’s decision to move from its first narrative of being a place where value is exchanged to a place where digital assets are reserved and auctioned.  Slight surprise, the brand is revealing its current catchphrase ‘Digital Assets Marketplace’ and archiving the old catchphrase ‘Xchange For Value’.


The online outlet is enlarging its duty subsidies to comprise E-ticketing having acknowledged the passion for outside occasions and hang-outs by Nigerians and Africans. This will assist event organizers to no slight extent, by freeing up time and budgets disbursed on exchanges of manual cards, eradicating unnecessary conflicts in the company of occasions.


Mr Damilola Layode, the CEO, said that “people are staring further to the digital globe beyond connectivity and broadcast. As a trademark that eavesdrops, we have decided to constantly be one pace early by aligning ourselves to satisfying the heightened yearning for digital support as the world witness observes a modern horizon in digital technology.”


Victor Monday, the Chief Operating Officer (COO), asserted that “we are labouring to build our trademark accessible across numerous regions assisting to give rise to comfort, velocity, and amenity in monetary agreements across the landmass. Therefore, it creates awareness that we redefine the trademark narrative to let the public know that we are here to cater to their ever-increasing digital bargain needs.”


This current trademark description is to resonate with Glover’s development objective in evidence and employment subsidies, encouraging to rectify the direction monetary marketings are performed on the landmass. As a component of development and growth strategies.

Officially, Glover commenced in Ghana in December 2021 and plans to extend to extra territories on the container in the quickest logical time. Certainly, the tech trademark is here to do better.

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