How Meta Continue Its Layoff Towards Increasing Efficiency and Cost

Meta follows the suit of big tech companies that plan to lay off some of their employees. Although this news has been a headline for some days now, the company announced that on Wednesday, October 4, the firm will cut off the workforce in the unit of its metaverse-oriented Reality Labs division, which is focused on the creation of custom silicon. 

Meta's employees got to know about the latest layoffs that will roll out through a post on Meta’s internal discussion forum Workplace on Tuesday, October 3.

However, concerning the Meta layoffs, it wasn’t clear how many employees would be laid off at the silicon unit, also called the Facebook Agile Silicon Team, or FAST, which is said to house over 600 employees.

The FAST unit is a section of Meta known for developing chips to power the augmented and virtual reality hardware produced by Meta’s Reality Labs division.

Meta, which is a brand that hosts four social media apps, namely Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Threads, also produces virtual reality headsets called Quest and smart glasses designed with Ray-ban eyeglass maker EssilorLuxottica that can be used for streaming videos and communicating with users through its AI virtual assistant.

The company is also working on augmented reality glasses capable of projecting virtual objects onto see-through lenses, along with associated smartwatches, according to sources.

Who Will Meta Layoff?

Meta said it was going to lay off some employees from the unit of its metaverse-oriented Reality Labs division focused on creating custom silicon. The workforce in this section of Meta is said to be over 600 employees. Concerning Meta layoffs, the company announced a post on Meta’s internal discussion forum Workplace on Tuesday, October 3.

Why Meta Layoffs?

In November last year, Meta was reported to have laid off about 21,000 employees in a bid to cut costs and handle inflation. The company also stated that the reason for Meta layoffs was a result of the money being pushed into the Reality Labs, yet it generates low income. This reason was as to last year's Meta layoff, but this year, the company didn’t give more highlights on the reason for the layoff, but this video below may answer the reasons for the latest Meta layoffs.

How Many People Did Meta Layoff?

Meta has laid off over 21,000 employees in its two rounds. The firm reported that it will have three rounds of layoffs to further increase its efficiency and focus more on areas that need more focus, while areas that are not adding value will be looked upon to know what the cause may be or close them completely. 

Will Meta Have More Layoffs?

In the course of increasing efficiency and cutting costs, Meta is expected to reduce its workforce or probably add to it. While this is not certain due to the increase in artificial intelligence, we hope that the layoff is stabilized.

How Many Meta Layoffs?

Meta layoffs are going to roll out in three rounds.

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