How to Get a Job in Lagos in 2023

Lagos, which is the center of excellence, is known to be the most civilized state in Nigeria, and this has led many people to look for jobs in Lagos due to the many opportunities present in the state.

Based on the geographical size of the state, Lagos state is small but the state hosts the largest population in Nigeria. According to the current Lagos State government estimate, the current population reaches a total of 17.5 million people.

With the large population, it's clear that Lagos State is a land full of opportunities but at the same time, it's not a land for weaklings as everyone is up and running.

However, there are lots of ways to get a job in Lagos State, but I have five steps that will help you.

Five Ways to Get Jobs in Lagos State

Be Dedicated

You don't have to wait for any company to put out a vacancy before you apply for jobs. What is expected of you is to have a list of places you will want to work and constantly visit their websites, one after the other.

When you check their websites, always check the page where they post career details. Most times, they have a page dedicated mostly to career information. 

The advantage here is that you may be invited for a job interview when there is little competition.

If you keep waiting for a company to put out a job vacancy, then there might be little chance of you being the first to apply because of the large population.

Build Experience

Your main focus should be improving your experience, not money because this is what can place you in the long run.

Looking at the employment sector in Lagos State, you may get hired for little pay, but this shouldn't stop you from working because you can use it to gain experience and prepare for your dream job in the future. Experience is what gives you an edge over others.

Leverage on The Internet

With the introduction of the internet and technology, the world has experienced ease, as many issues that were to be handled manually are now handled seamlessly. 

Currently, there are lots of jobs in Lagos posted online, which means applying for jobs can be done from the comfort of your home without going out and submitting your CV or resume.

Aside from being convenient, it also saves cost and time. You won't have to spend lots of resources on transportation, as sending your CV via email is free and easy.

To be able to leverage the internet, you will need to subscribe to the newsletter of some top job portals to be reminded when a new job is posted.

Try Freelancing

A freelancer is described as someone who is self-employed and works for various companies.

The most popular of them are writers. You don't have to be 100% engaged with one employer. You have the liberty of working for as many as your capacity can handle.

However, here, your arrangement is not a fixed monthly salary, as you are being paid on each deliverable. So to become a freelancer, you will have to learn a skill and market yourself.

Be on Social Media

A lot of things are happening in the social media space. So I'll advise that you keep in touch so you'll not be left out.

If the companies where you would like to work are on social media, why shouldn’t you? Join all the popular social media apps that you know about. 

If the company you aim to work for is on social media, then you should join them so you'll be updated. Join popular social media apps like Facebook, X, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 

Follow the company account and click on the notification to be updated on their latest updates. Information, when acted upon early, is power.

Before closing this article, I hope you got value? You may be asking which Nigerian website offers jobs specifically in Lagos; then that's where hubforjobs comes in. Vanguard reported in 2022 that this website is one of the leading job sites in Nigeria. You can also check this list to see more job sites.

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