How to Invest in Pillow Fund in 2024 Made Easy

Investing with Pillow Fund is one way to increase your savings and investments. With the advancement of fintech, traditional banking has loosened its grip, as you must not show up in a bank before you can invest or grow your portfolio. You can navigate secured investment apps and plan for the future in the comfort of your home.

Many investment apps are out there that encourage both young and old to become rugged investors by apportioning some of their savings for the future. Today, we will be looking at one of those investment platforms said to be tested and trusted. 

With the proper information and management, Pillow Fund can make you wealthy. This article will discuss the Pillow Fund and how you can navigate its system to seamlessly transition into becoming the person you wish to be.

What is Pillow Fund?

Pillow Fund is an investment management platform established in 2021. It was founded by Arindam Roy, Kartik Mishra, and Rajath KM.

The platform aims to offer investors digital asset management and assist them in getting good returns on their investments over time. Pillow Fund has been said to be one of the best platforms for high-yielding returns when investing in crypto. In addition, they also tutor you on the best areas to grow your investment quickly.

Pillow Fund motivates its investors to save their digital assets in USD-backed cryptocurrencies from the comfort of a mobile application. This ensures that despite the devaluation of the naira, their assets remain intact and increase.

In Nigeria and Africa, Pillow Fund has registered its feet as one of the biggest asset management platforms on the continent. With its goals backed by legitimate proof, it will do even better in the future in liberating millions from poverty.

So far, the platform has 100,000 users across 60+ nations worldwide. According to the CEO's speech about their insight into Nigeria (a giant of Africa), the firm seeks to create an enabling environment for Nigerians to rise in investment by leveraging the current trend of cryptocurrencies. 

A look at what the CEO said below.

"Pillow truly aspires to reward a culture of savings and financial discipline in Nigeria, where young, hardworking, ambitious Nigerians can take control of their finances, achieve their life goals, and work towards financial freedom. And we're creating a suite of high-quality, secure, & transparent financial products that will grant our users access to global economic opportunities and let them take control of their finances", according to Arindam Roy, CEO of Pillow.

How Does Pillow Fund Work?

Pillow Fund is a digital asset management platform that assists users in earning high-yielding returns on their assets when they sign up to its system and make an investment. When you save with Pillow Fund, the next step is to Invest, after which you earn returns. It's that simple.

Their interest rate is very encouraging, as users can earn up to 14% or more when they invest per annum in their deposits. The interest rate cuts across other savings schedules. It's good to look more into the length of time you want to invest your funds.

Pillow Fund returns by investing your funds into the best blue-chip Defi protocols on blockchain networks. The platform also has a dedicated research team of experts and advisors who examine 500+ protocols across 10+ chains. With their eyes on the market, they discover the best and safest protocols to invest users' savings.

How To Get Started With Pillow Fund

Investing in Pillow Fund is very easy with the following steps detailed below:

  • Collect all your national documents and ensure you have a working email address you will use when signing up. 

  • Once sorted out, you must sign up on the app with your email address.

  • Move on to complete your KYC. 

  • Next, you make your first deposit, which should not be less than N1,000. 

As a new investor, you can also start investing and stand a chance to earn daily and up to 14% interest per annum. You can also invest in other products or assets offered by the platform.

How to Download the Pillow Fund Mobile App

The Pillow Fund mobile app is designed to give investors a clear path to all the products and services rendered by Pillow that are available.

To download the Pillow Fund mobile app, you have to:

  • Type “Pillow” in your Google Play Store and click on search.

  • The Pillow app has a feather-like logo, which is easy to identify. It is in white and black color.

  • Next, you hit the download button, so it will save on your phone.

After some minutes, the Pillow app will appear on your phone. Here, you can easily sign up or sign in to your account and enjoy their services.

How To Withdraw Funds From Pillow Wallet To Your Wallet

The steps below will guide you on withdrawing funds from the Pillow wallet. Let’s look at the steps below.

  • You need to select the case

  • Next, you enter the address and amount of funds you want to withdraw. 

  • Click on ” withdraw.”

  • After this, you will be sent an OTP, which you will be expected to confirm the withdrawal with the OTP sent to your registered email address.

Ways to Contact Pillow

Support: [email protected]


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