How to play Baba Ijebu

Premier Lotto Limited, often known as Baba Ijebu betting, is a gaming organization that operates in Nigeria and provides lotto services as well as sports betting. It was registered in 2001 and is the earliest known lotto game operator in Nigeria. The founder and current CEO of Baba Ijebu is gaming mogul Sir Kesington Adebukunola Adebutu CON, KJW, FISM.

Diamond, Peoples, Bingo, MSP, Metro, International, Gold, 06, Jackpot, Lucky G, Clubmaster, Super, Tota, Mark 2, Vag, Enugu, Midweek, Fairchance, Fortune, Royal, Bonanza, King, National, and Lucky are just a few of the more than 20 lotto games that Baba Ijebu offers.

You will select any five numbers from 1 to 90. The winning numbers will be picked at random, so you can select any number between 1 and 90. You must correctly predict at least two of the five winning numbers in order to win.

You can play baba Ijebu either offline or online.

There are numerous methods to play, and each one will result in a different winning sum. The various routes, in order of least to most lucrative, are Permutation, 2 Sure, 3 Direct, 4 Direct, and 5 Direct. Baba Ijebu is just as lucrative as Bet9ja 

Permutation: Permutation is a lottery strategy that ensures a higher chance of success. Y ou can select up to 10 numbers, and if even only 2 of those 10 numbers appear in the draw's results, you will win. The majority of players play permutation as a strategy to get their cash back if any of the other high-winning combinations listed below don't work out for them, even though it is the easiest game to play and doesn't ensure maximum winning.

Baba Ijebu 2 Sure: Since it offers a big payoff with a lesser risk as opposed to the other methods mentioned, it is the most popular way to play the game. 2 Sure refers to placing just 2 bets on numbers you believe will appear among the 5 draw winners. If you play 2 Sure using just one hundred naira (N100), you have a chance to win N24,000. An example of 2 Sure is 1 - 90 or 47 - 66. According to this explanation, you should multiply any bet amount by 240 to determine your chances of winning.

Baba Ijebu 3 Direct: Although it is less common than the first two at the top, many people have won with the 3 Direct. As with the 2 Sure above, you need to acquire all 3 numbers to win. If only one or two of your numbers appear in the outcome, you will lose the game. By "3 Direct," you indicate that you're making a prediction about any 3 numbers between 1 and 90 that you believe will be among the 5 draw winners. 30 - 5 - 75 or 1 - 12 - 89 are two examples of 3 Direct. You should earn no less than N210,000 if you play 3 Direct with just N100 and your three numbers are among the five winning numbers.

Baba Ijebu 4 Direct: In contrast to the other examples above, this one carries a higher risk, if all four of your numbers appear in the five winning draw numbers, you will become a millionaire even with just N100. All four numbers you choose to play must be among the five winning draw numbers. 

Baba Ijebu 5 Direct: In the hopes that their five anticipated numbers will all match the winning numbers, more people play the Baba Ijebu 5 Direct than the 4 Direct. You will be a millionaire if you get all five winning numbers.

How to predict Baba Ijebu winning numbers

Never forget that Baba Ijebu is a game of chance, and it's best to play it safe by never betting more than you can afford to lose. Through "targeted numbers," "dream numbers," or "forecasting," you can anticipate results.

Targeted Numbers is a method of number prediction that entails playing the same set of numbers repeatedly until you strike it lucky. Although two are the most typical, this Yes, and some people will play the game from 1 to 90 continuously for a whole year. In reality, this number appears at least twice a year. However, you can never predict when a number will be the winner.

Dream Numbers happen when one sees the numbers in their dream rather than being able to predict it. It might not be a direct message, but some people claim they have seen home numbers or license plates in their dreams and played them when they woke up. 

Forecasting is the most typical scenario, and it calls for reviewing earlier data dating all the way back to 1999 or 2000. Some people do this by playing the identical outcome that was announced the same period in previous years or by going through a sequence that appears to be a pattern that will undoubtedly repeat itself this year.  

How to Play Baba Ijebu online

·        Visit and click lotto. On the right side of the screen, select Register. Fill out the form that appears, and then select Register.

·        Fund your wallet.

·        Select the Draw of your choice.

·        Choose the game you want to play. PERM 2, NAP 2, etc. Select the numbers you want to add to your bet slip, then click the arrow.

·        On the right side of the page, enter your stake amount and click "Place Bet."

·        You will receive a bet reference ticket as confirmation that your wager was successful.

How to fund your Baba Ijebu wallet

1.     Flutterwave: Go to and log in. Select "Deposit" Select "Deposit Now" Enter the amount and press "Continue to Payment" Pick a method, such as Pay using USSD and Pick a bank. Use your registered phone to call the USSD. To finish the deposit, type your bank pin.

2.     Bank app: Launch the your bank app. Choose Other Payments from the Categories menu (Select Sports and Gaming).  From retailers select BIA STELLAR SOLUTIONS AND CONCEPT LTD. After which you select Baba Ijebu Reference Number. You will use this as your username. Enter the desired credit amount.

3.     Quickteller: Visit Put your unique Baba Ijebu Uid in the space provided on the deposit page next to the Quickteller payment option. Enter your phone number and email address. Put the amount you want to add to your Baba Ijebu account in the box provided. After that, Quickteller will reveal your user information for verification.

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