How to save money after netting that good job with good salary.

Having a good secured job is a good beginning to a good life in Nigeria. However, having that salary that will allow you to live comfortably is the key to success, key to peace of mind, and key to happiness as you build your family, career, and your life.


Finding a job in Nigeria is not easy due to the economic condition, and the average salary is not too impressive.  The best thing to do here is to cut costs when you find a job that pays you a decent salary. 


Do the following to save money so your salary will last.


Live close to your job: This will prevent you from spending too much money on transport fares. If you are in traffic all day, then you are probably also buying food outside and this can be costly.


Bring your lunch from home: Buying food outside can be expensive, let’s say your lunch costs you N4000 per day. If you buy food 5 times per week and for 4 weeks a month, you have spent N80,000 on food outside weekly.


Avoid watching IG videos using your own data: Save your data, and wait till you are in a place where you can use free Wi-Fi before you start to burn data to watch videos on IG or watch TikTok.


Turn off your personal data while in the WIFI area: To save money, use free WIFI in public, you must first turn off your data whenever you want to use WIFI because, even if you are on WIFI, your phone can still use your data or it will use your data first before it starts to use WIFI.


Carpool to work: if you have friends in the area and you work in the same direction, sharing a car ride, will save you money on petrol.


The final takeaway, soon you get that good job and that good salary, apply the above tips to save money.

Then save 20% of your salary every month.

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