How top Tech Stocks Performed in 2019 : Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Netflix (ticker:AMZN)

Current stock price: $1753.23

Amazon stock remains a winner – and definitely one of the best tech stocks to buy for 2019. Having finally reached a stage in its corporate evolution where the company is consistently profitable, Amazon started off 2019 with its fourth straight quarter of record-setting profits on the back of AWS, its cloud computing business. Shares took a hit after Q2 earnings, however, when investing over $800 million in Prime same-day delivery boosted sales but hit profits. Believe it or not, foregoing short-term profit for long-term gains is wise, and AMZN remains a top-tier tech stock.


Facebook (NASDAQ: FB)

Current stock price: $196.30

Last year, 2018 was a rough year for Facebook, as it dealt with fallout from its privacy breaches and role in meddling in the 2016 elections. CEO Mark Zuckerberg was called before Congress and grilled. It wasn’t a good look. This year, however, came some practical consequences: Facebook settled with the Federal Trade Commission for $5 billion over its handling of user data and deceptive communications to users. That said, markets brushed that off, and despite the specter of further regulation as big tech firms come under the spotlight of domestic and international regulators, Facebook – which owns Instagram and WhatsApp as well – remains one of the best tech stocks in the course of the year.


Google (ticker: GOOGL)

Current stock price: $1288.86

Google is in top shape. If 2018 saw investors lose interest in the company, 2019 could not have been more different, however, Its stock is up 25% and there is still about three weeks to go till the end of the year.

Google alphabet possesses the rare combination of strong growth backed by strong profits, very high returns on invested capital and a strong repurchase plan in place. And its stock is kind of cheap to be ignored for much longer.



Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX)

Current stock price: $309.99

Shares of Netflix surged 8% in premarket trading after the company in October released its earnings report for the third quarter. The company reported mixed results, with an earnings beat and a miss on domestic subscriber adds, while revenue slightly missed analysts’ expectations.


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