Jobs in Nigeria: Skills in Demand, Sectors Hiring, and Job Hunting Tips

Nigeria is a populous country, so a lot of people love to hear about job openings in the country. In Nigeria, job opportunities span across multiple sectors including education, health, management, and technology. However, the ability to get Jobs in Nigeria depends on the skills and qualifications possessed by individuals. Like many others, the Nigerian job market values relevant skills and qualifications that are valid enough to get the job done and help the industry thrive. 

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For instance, while it looks like anyone can teach a group of people, the education sector would most likely prefer an individual with a bachelor's degree in education because it is believed that such a person has been specifically trained for any education job. This is the case with several other sectors. If you don't have innovative, adaptable, and problem-solving skills, a technology company may not hire you. Therefore, it is important to know these things before applying for jobs in Nigeria. 

Are there really jobs in Nigeria? 

The popular gist in Nigeria is that there are no jobs and rejection emails come in barely after you apply. The reality is there are jobs in Nigeria for people who actually know their onions and are persistent with putting themselves out there. Although it may seem impossible to agree that there are job openings in the country when you glance through the several unsuccessful job applications you've had in the past and recent times, there is still a job opportunity for you. You probably have to gain the skills in demand to get into these jobs. 

What skills are currently in demand for jobs in Nigeria?

90% of the time, your skill gets you a job in Nigeria - the hard and soft skills. So if you are wondering what skills are "the real deal", here are some of them: 

Soft Skills

Management skills

Excellent sales skills

Communications skills

Marketing skills


Research skills

Problem-solving skills

Flexibility and adaptability



Hard Skills


Data Science

Data Analysis

Data Engineering

Project Management

Digital Marketing

Financial Analysis

Product design

Graphics design

Cyber security

UX writing

Quality Assurance and Testing

Artificial Intelligence

Cloud computing

Business Development

Video production and editing

 Blockchain technology

Social media management

Business administration 

Business Intelligence

Robotics and automation

Laboratory technology

Mobile App Development

Robotics and automation

The list is endless but the idea is to have one or more of all these skills to stand tall in the Nigerian Job market. 

How to land a job in Nigeria

While it is very important to have the necessary skills and experience, you must also be able to communicate them to potential employers and this can be done only when your CV/resume is properly crafted. Your resume should highlight skills relevant to the job you are applying for and you should have experience solid enough to make you an ideal candidate for the job.  

Job hunting made easy!

Different products have been built to ease people off the stress of walking around and looking for job vacancies. Several years ago, people had to carry their documents in their hands and move from one area to another, asking if there are job openings they can apply to. But, fast forward to today, people can apply for jobs right from the comfort of their homes; they can send their resumes and portfolios through methods that have been built by different organizations. Also, interviews don't always get to be physical these days as Zoom, Google Meet andCredit Controller other video conference tools have made it quite easy to conduct interviews for as many people as possible.

What sectors in Nigeria hire?

There are a number of sectors in Nigeria and all of them hire individuals for different roles. Some of these sectors include: 

Oil and Gas

Banking and Finance


Information Technology



Construction and Real Estate



Energy and Power




Need Jobs in Nigeria?

There are jobs that are just the right fit for you! , click on the link to Hubforjobs and search for the job that best suits your skills, and apply away!

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