Meta formerly known as facebook to team up with singer Ciara to promote small business ownership to black people

Meta is trying to contribute something positive to the black community and their way of doing that is by working with a black influencer and Ciara. The Grammy winner Ciara will be the voice for Meta (formerly Facebook) as the company is trying to raise awareness of the declining black business ownership. 

According to a report, black business ownership declined by 40 percent between February and April 2020 and this could be linked to the financial effect of the covid pandemic. Facebook wants to work with Ciara to help encourage black-owned businesses to stay in business and continue to grow.


“In the US, Black-owned businesses have been among the hardest hit by the pandemic, and this holiday season will be ‘make or break’ for many,” said Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg. “One way we can all make a difference is through conscious shopping, which is why I’m thrilled to partner with Ciara to support #BuyBlack and do what we can to help Black-owned small businesses.”


Here is how the plan will work.


Ciara will lead the promotion of the tack #buyBlack, a promotion that will begin on November 22, 2021, and shoppers will have exclusive access to this on Facebook.  This tag will feature products from black-owned businesses around the world.


“It’s important that we give as many brands as possible the opportunity to sell as many products as possible this holiday season. I want to encourage you to not just buy this holiday, but to #BuyBlack,” Ciara said


The singer will also be allowed to handpick 10 black-owned businesses to receive face-to-face marketing mentorship through Meta elevate platform.  Meta will also donate $250,000 to the US black chambers to provide aid to businesses that were affected by the pandemic.

Investingport's take on this issue...

 Although this is good news and a feel-good story about Meta's effort to reconnect with the black community. We feel like this program is only designed to attract black-owned businesses to spend more money on promoting their business on Facebook. 

Meta wants to give these businesses a $100,000 in ads credit, this means when that runs out, these black-owned businesses will end up spending more money on Facebook to continue to promote their businesses. 


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