Michael Burry’s recent 13F filling shows he sold majority of the stock in Scion Asset management’s holding

Scion asset management LLC reported its 13F a few weeks ago and it is clear that Michael Burry has lost faith in the stock market. Micheal Burry started Scion Asset Management and he is in charge of all transactions at the firm. Mr. Burry has spoken about the market crash and high stock prices in recent times and it seems like he may be pulling funds for safety.

  •  Burry is best known for a successful bet against the housing market ahead of the subprime mortgage collapse that led to the 2008-2009 financial crisis.
  • Michael Burry, the celebrity investor who rose to fame by being one of the first to profit from the subprime mortgage crisis.

In Scion Asset Management’s most recent13f filling, the company held only 6 stocks that are not worth so much of their portfolio value. This is 14 stocks less than the number of stocks the firm owned at the end of the prior quarter filling. That’s a big drop and it may be a warning that something bad is about to happen to the stock market, maybe Micheal Burry sees a stock market crash coming.


As of September 30,2021, Scion Asset management owns CVS ($16,972,000), LMT ($10,353,000), GEO ($8,656,000), CXW ($3,668,000), DNOW ($1,148,000) and SCYX ($922,000).


Scion capital only has about $40,000,000 in the market compared to $140 million a few quarters ago.

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