NEXIM Discloses That Investors in Nigeria Earns 30% On ROI

The Nigeria Export-Import Bank recently disclosed that investors in Nigeria earn a 30% return on their investments.

This was announced by Stella Okotte, Director of Business Development, NEXIM while hosting the Mexican Ambassador of Nigeria, Alfredo Miranda, who led a delegation on a courtesy call to the bank's management in Abuja.

She emphasized a robust partnership between Nigeria and Mexico, which she believes will expand access to Nigerian goods in the Mexican market.

However, Stella believes that a strong collaboration between Nigeria and Mexico will increase the country’s foreign exchange earnings, attract investment opportunities, and ultimately promote prosperity for the citizens of both nations.

The bank said on Sunday in Abuja that Okotete also used the opportunity to showcase some of the Nigerian-made export goods financed by the bank and talk about other options available in Nigeria. 

She said,

  • I should once again assure you that with Nigeria, as a country and with a very large opportunity in export, especially the non-oil export sector, you have 100 percent access to your foreign exchange for repatriation and you have a very huge ROI (return on investment) on your investment.

  • We are talking about in some cases 30 per cent, between seven to 30 per cent; you won’t get it anywhere but in Nigeria. So, in terms of return, on investments, this is the best place you can invest.

  • So if you have businesses that would want to partner with Nigeria to develop the mining sector for export, the Nigeria Export-Import Bank will be willing to work with you and support that aspect to grow the sector.

The bank said that the visit by the Mexican delegation would deepen trade relationships, foster economic growth, and explore mutually beneficial investment opportunities, as it marked a significant step towards fostering solid ties between the two nations.

Miranda also discussed the potential for boosting increased economic and bilateral cooperation between Nigeria and Mexico.

The ambassador noted the various initiatives the bank undertook to promote non-oil exports for sustainable economic growth.

He pointed out that Mexico had a $1.4 trillion economy, from which Nigerian businesses and exporters could greatly benefit.

He emphasized the importance of identifying opportunities in Nigeria and Mexico that would enhance investments and trade and attract financing for the development of both countries through their trade policies.

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