Nigeria presidential candidate Peter Obi thinks Rivers Niger and Benue can boost the Nigerian Economic development

Benue is one of the states in Nigeria, it’s in the North Central part of Nigeria with a population of about 4.5 million people.  According to many Benue news that's circulating, Benue state is rich in Agriculture due to plenty of water in the area and Peter Obi thinks Benue is the state that will accelerate Nigeria’s economy.


“ With 70 million hectares of arable land, we will continue reforms to activate and harness production at different parts of the country and as a pillar for other sectorial development.

“We will incentivize and invest in agro-industrial clusters, across all geo-political zones and take advantage of scale, particularly in Northern Nigeria. “ – Peter Obi said during his presidential campaign trips across Nigeria.

“ We would dredge both Rivers Niger and Benue, and plant trees for local usage, export, and revenue generation

“ The key task is to dismantle structures restraining economy, for creating precondition for the dynamic pro-market economy.” He added.


While in Benue, Obi also vows to restore peace in the area. Benue is an agricultural place, we will make it work, Obi said in Benue. Peter Obi is the Presidential candidate from the Labor Party, in Nigeria.

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