President Buhari may leave about $36 billion in the bank when he leaves office

Nigeria’s sitting president Buhari was projected to leave about $36 billion dollar in the reserve account for his successor when he lives office, says people familiar with the matter.  According to a recent revelation, the president me the $29.4  billion estimated reserve for when he completes his presidential term.  


When President Buhari took office, the Reserve had 2 billion in excess, if can leave office with $36 billion in the reserve, that will be more than what he met in office. Despite the issues facing the country, the President is trying his best to set a good example for the incoming president.

Nigeria is a nation that's suffering from bad leadership, leaving money in the federal reserve is good, and voting in a new administration that will take care of the funds and then add more to it is the most important thing that the citizens of Nigeria could focus on. 

The Nigerian presidential election will place on Saturday, February 25, 2023, and will be a very important one. The next elected president will oversee Nigeria's economy for the next couple of years and that's who will be in charge of the money that President Buhari will leave behind. 

Check here to read more about Nigeria's fed reserve balance sheet.

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