Real Estate Investing Apps

Thanks to technology and digitization, investing in real estate has been made a whole lot easier, in that, at the tap of a button you can invest in real estate from anywhere.

There are many real estate investing apps. The best, however, are those that are efficient to both buyers and sellers. Investors can also get real-time information about real estate properties to ensure maximum efficiency on all levels.

Here are some top real estate investing apps to consider

Bigger Pockets: This real estate investing app comes with a wide range of resources, ranging from real estate education blogs to eBooks, guides, forums, and podcasts, to help you make better-informed decisions about investing in real estate. You will learn about buying a home, how to increase its value, and how to ensure that you receive the best return on investment. The app also has easy navigation which would help you make use of the tools provides, alongside an easy-to-use interface.

LoopNet: LoopNet is another terrific real estate investing app, though built primarily for commercial real estate. It includes multi-unit residential and commercial property listings. The app allows investors to change location settings to view real estate property outside their current location. The property listings include high-resolution pictures of buildings and street views to give a proper view of what the property looks like. LoopNet makes provision for investors to create watch lists of properties to keep them updated once a listing is updated or changed. The app is available ton both Android and iOS.

Xome: This app was created for both buyers and sellers, and is very similar to other real estate comps apps. This app makes use of national real estate data to show property listings in the markets all across the country. Buyers have unlimited access to information on listings around their locations. Sellers have the opportunity to review competitions of other listings.

The Xome app also has a “Home Only” feature that allows investors easily search short sales, foreclosures, bank owned homes in a given location. Investors also have access to properties that are not yet widely available because Xome pulls straight from listing service data. It also pulls information on real estate auctions.

Dotloop: This is a real estate management software that is primarily designed for real estate professionals like agents and brokers. The Dotloop app allows users to create, edit, and sign real estate contracts online. Users can also see a progress bar of all the transactions they are working on, which allows them to track the position of a given deal at any time. The app is also designed to save records of up to seven years, which makes it easier for users to keep their records organized and readily available.

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