Senator McConnell blocks the chance to increase the stimulus check to $2000

President Trump was aware that the stimulus check would be $600 for each person that qualifies in America while billions will go to cooperations, it was voted in and passed. Then he demanded that the amount be increased to $2000 via Twitter.


Well, today the senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has stopped it from happening.  


Mitch McConnell has blocked it and he proposed another plan, here is what he want.


·      Tie the check to Section 230 Repeal and Election Commission Demands

·      Consider after NDAA veto Override


However, the Democrats are calling that a ploy to kill the $2000 direct check to the public.


Senate leader Mitch McConnell released this message shortly after the president signed the $600 stimulus check.

But, McConnell is yet to address why he blocked the deal publicly as of the time we shared this post. We will continue to monitor the progress of the coronavirus relief check and bring you more updates as it becomes available. 

Here is what the outgoing president Donald Trump said about the stimulus check via Twitter. 

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