Shari Redstone’s Son Brandon Korff Deported from Israel for Breaking Quarantine Rules

It was reported by multiple news streams on Monday that Brandon Korff, Shari Redstone’s would be deported by the Israeli authorities. According to reports, Korff violated Israel’s coronavirus quarantine rules when he secretly went to visit his girlfriend. Prior to that, Korff had been granted a special permit by the Immigration authorities to briefly visit his brother who serves in the Israel Defense Forces. Korff was ordered to leave the country immediately after he “met with his Israeli partner and stayed with her in the same apartment,” according to the Immigration Authority on Sunday.

In March, Israel banned non-citizens or residents from entering the country in an attempt to lessen the spread of the coronavirus. In addition, everyone coming into the country from abroad would be required to remain in quarantine for two weeks. As of Sunday, Israel had about 19,000 confirmed coronavirus cases with a death toll of 300. While this may be nothing compared to the United States, Israel is strict with its quarantine rules to curb further infection rates.

Although the news reports didn’t officially reveal Korff’s partner’s identity, it is known that she is an 18-year old Israeli model, Yael Shelbia. The 18-year old model is currently doing compulsory military service in Israel. She has also appeared in campaigns for big fashion lines like Kim Kardashians’s KKW Beauty makeup line, and Israel’s clothing company, Renuar. While Korff is a director for National Amusements, a privately owned mass media company that oversees ViacomCBS. Share Redstone was named chairwoman of the company in 2019. As reports continue to fly around, neither Korff nor Shelbia has addressed the issue publicly.

Israel places strict importance on the quarantine rule that only last week, its deputy director of the Health Ministry came under fire after an Israeli billionaire and business mogul was given an exemption from the isolation orders.

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