Should you invest in Japaul Oil and Maritime service? This is what you need to know

Japaul Oil and Maritime service PLC went out of business and the company changed its business and also change its name to Japaul Gold and Ventures PLC. However, this hasn’t helped its stock price and investors who bought Japaul stocks are yet to enjoy any reasonable profit sharing from the company or see their stock ownership become more valuable.


JAPAULGOLD now operates as an Oil and gas business, Gold mining, and technology development.  It sounds like the company is focused on some good businesses that could be profitable, especially the Gold mining and the Oil and Gas part of the business. These businesses alone should bring in enough revenue to raise Japaul gold-stock price above N0.38 per share that it’s selling at.  


If things are done properly by the people in the front office, the stock could reach 52 weeks high of N1.67 and pass it.


The stock is attractive but we are not sure if the business is ready to embark on deals or do business in a form that will return value to investors.


Japaul seems to be in a lot of trouble, the company is owning dividends to some investors. Click here to access the list of Japaul Gold shareholder unpaid dividend list.


This company is owning N 100,160,227.25 dividends to investors.


Should you invest in the stock? Normally, at Investingport, we like stocks that are cheap. But also, we know that stocks are cheap for a reason and is mostly because the company is in a bad position. Right now we hope that you will do your own due diligence before investing in this company.

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