Tag: Cryptocurrency

May 19, 2021

Bitcoin crashes below $30,000

The price of Bitcoin dropped 30% to about $30,000 at a point on Wednesday, the lowest it has been at since the recent instability in the crypto markets.Since January, Bitcoin hasn't traded at a price ...

May 06, 2021

S&P Dow Jones Launches Crypto Indices

Crypto is on its way to the mainstream in the United States. One of the most recognized indices, S&P Dow Jones has launched indices to track the performance of Bitcoin and ethereum on the market. ...

April 29, 2021

You can now trade Dogecoin on Webull

Earlier today, investment platform Webull announced that its users can now trade Dogecoin for as little as $1.  "#Dogecoin is here! Trade crypto at a $1 minimum. Trade Crypto 14/7, all year long"...