Target stock is down by a lot today

Target stock is down by a lot as a result hits sentiment. The next thing to think about for investors before buying Target here is, where is the economy going to go? 

Tesla stock is down by as much as 27% today, and that can be a discount if the economy is expected to rebound.


A lot can be a concern here, the war in Ukraine, Inflation, and the lockdown in China. Retails hits on margins, and opportunities in the sector are now an issue. 


Today, Target posted a drop in profit and this affected its stock price, dropping it down fast.

"We faced unexpectedly high costs, driven by a number of factors, resulting in profitability that came in well below our expectations, and well below where we expect to operate over time," said Target CEO Brian Cornell in the earnings press release Wednesday.


Target stock closed yesterday at $215 per share, today it selling for $156 per share, very close to its $155 52-weeks low price.

Target stock crashing is a thing of concern to investors, so what's next? what are you going to do next if you own Target stocks, and sell them? Buy more? Target is hiring so they can meet labor demands. But they will face a huge cost of retaining their employees

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