The best careers to study in University if you want to get a job very fast in Nigeria

There are numerous career paths one can take in Nigeria. With a lot of Nigerian students applying yearly in Nigeria, one can be quite unsure which career path will offer them more job opportunities.

Times keep changing and the demands of the labor market changes with it. Some jobs are definitely in higher demand than some others currently in Nigeria.

In some cases, parents go as far as pushing their children towards a particular area because of how promising it may look.

While many complain about the lack of jobs, some others have been rightly positioned not just because they have the skill, but because they are in line with the demands of the labor market.

The question in the mind of a lot of people would then be, what are the best careers to study to get a job very fast in Nigeria even with the rate of unemployment and tough competition.

Here are some careers to study to get jobs quickly in Nigeria.

1. Computer Science/Engineering. This most definitely has to be in the top three or even in the top five, if there were to be a ranking. Tech seems to be the way forward now, with a lot of new innovations and trends.

Currently in Nigeria, those in tech are not earning good money but it is almost difficult to find anyone who seriously took this career path to be idle or unemployed.

For those who studied other courses, some have had to switch to tech just to have a share in the tech market.

With good IT skills, there are certain areas one can fit it, such as;

  • Programming

  • Software Development

  • Data Science

  • Software Engineering

  • Website Design

  • Hardware Engineering

2. Accounting. There is hardly any organization that does not deal with money or figures. Even non-profits still require funds, and those funds need to be accounted for.

Accountants play a key role in every organization. And no organization can do without having to account for funds, which has to do with cash inflow and outflow.

Accounting is based on numbers, so you'll always have to deal with accounts, taxation, income statements, profit sharing, and anything else that has to do with the handling of money or assets in a business or individual.

Accounting graduates can work in a variety of sectors, including banks, clinics, pharmacies, religious institutions, schools, retail stores, etc.

To gain some form of advantage, accounting graduates can get certified by taking professional exams like ICAN, ANAN, and ACCA.

3. Law. Despite the level of corruption in the country, the law profession still stands out and there are lots of career options in the law profession itself. 

Every society needs to have some form of regulation when it comes to law and order. That is why lawyers are always needed.

There are different aspects of the law profession and they include; 

  • Business Law

  • Entertainment Law

  • Bankruptcy Law

  • Family Law

  • Insurance Law

  • Tax Law

  • International Law

  • Intellectual Property Law

A student or graduate of law has a variety of options to pick from in the law profession.

4. Medicine and Surgery. This happens to be one of the most difficult courses to get admitted into in Nigeria. With a high number of prospective students competing for a slot, it tells that it is a highly sought-after career.

There will always be a need for medical professionals, not only are they highly sought after in Nigeria, they are highly sought after in different parts of the world.

A lot of medical professionals have migrated to other countries with better opportunities. Pursuing a career in medicine in Nigeria not only gets you a job quickly in Nigeria but also in nations beyond the shores of Nigeria.

Jobs locate qualified medicine and surgery graduates, not the other way around.

5. Banking and Finance. Every country has a bank and as new banks keep springing out, so will more branches need to be established.

When vacancies are put out, you will hardly find one where banks are left out. There will always be a need to fill up positions in the banks.

Finance is critical to our economy because it provides the liquidity (money or assets) that organizations, corporations, and individuals need to invest in for the long term.

With a combination of banking and finance, one increases the chances of either playing in the banking sector or sectors concerning finance, which includes the market.

6. Nursing. Just as it is with medicine and surgery, nursing is one career path that is highly sought after around the world.

While some may not consider it so, because they seem to think that doctors are at the forefront of the health sector, not understanding that they all work hand in hand.

It is difficult to see an unemployed nurse, almost every hospital works in shifts, and as a result of that, nurses are always needed.

For some other graduates of nursing, the profession was a ticket to leave the country to countries with better offers and benefits.

7. Mass Communication. Mass communication is a social science course that examines how information is disseminated and conveyed to the general public via mass media.

The media is a powerful tool in this current age and time. Graduates of mass communication are trained to wield this powerful tool and make the most of it.

Currently, it is not a must for mass communication graduates to work in a radio station or t.v station. Social media has made so many other options available for them.

With more dependence on social media, organizations are in search of those who can help them take advantage and get the attention of the bulk of people on the internet daily.

Because of the versatility of mass communication, one can be creative and flexible in choosing a profession.

Marketing, journalism, entertainment, healthcare, communications consultancy, broadcasting, advertising, foreign entities, government, and non-profit organizations are all possible careers for someone with a degree in mass communication.

8. Pharmacy. Unlike in other countries, there are drug stores on almost every street corner in Nigeria.

But that doesn’t mean that the pharmacy profession is such that anyone can jump into it without proper training.

Hospitals, as well as certified drug stores, are constantly on the lookout for graduates who have been trained and can administer drugs to customers.

9. Agriculture. Agricultural science is a top-ranked course in Nigerian universities because a competent agriculture graduate is in high demand.

Nigeria has a large mass and is very suitable for Agriculture with a lot of activities going on already.

With the boost of technology, some Agricultural Science students are now being trained to combine technology with Agriculture, for some others, it is the area of Agricultural economics.


It is important to know that while these career opportunities may be in high demand, there are also skills that are in high demand.

This will do good to anyone who desires to stay on the cutting edge and be at a point of advantage above others.

For some, it is not the actual course of study that got them the job, but the necessary skills which they have been able to gain. 

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