The Dow Jones Industrial finished the best month 33 years

The blue chips stocks in the Dow are performing well than we have ever seen in the past 33 years. The last time that he DOW finished the best month was in 1987.  This month, the Dow rose 12 % and this resulted in the best month in 33 years.  

Also, the S and P 500 was up by as much as 11 % since April 2020, while the Nasdaq was up by as much as 12 percent.  All these happened despite the coronavirus pandemic issues.   

When stocks are up this much, it means that many people are making money, even when businesses are struggling. 

With the Dow and other sectors reaching new highs, the Bear market investors must be suffering a lot. Many people are betting that the market will crash, but the stocks keep reaching new highs. From the EV sector to healthcare, and Technology. Even the transportation industry is picking up little by little.

Stock Market Index performance of the percentage of the S&P 500 stocks trading above their 200-day moving average. 

  • S and P 500  12%
  • Russell 2000. 9 % 

This means there is an increasing number of S and P 500 stocks that are in supporting the market rally. Also, those who invest in the S&P 500 focused fund should be making money at this rate that the market keeps soaring higher and higher.  

Covid is expected to be affecting the market but the opposite is happening, instead of the market going down, it's going up. This means there may be no market crash very soon as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

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