The stock market is set to have another losing day tomorrow, The Dow is down 300 points before Friday morning

The stock market took a dramatic turn since the Coronavirus scare began to get popular.  People are scared of how the virus will affect the market, as a result, the market is selling off. It seems like the market is heading for a crash because the Dow is expected to be down again tomorrow.

Here is how the market closed today.  

  • The 30-stock average closed in correction territory along with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite
  • Thursday’s market declines put the Dow and S&P 500 down more than 10.5% each for the week

  •  The S&P 500 fell from an all-time high into correction levels

  • The Dow plummeted nearly 1,200 points on Thursday 

The drop was the biggest one day, a new record and it seems like the pain will continue when the market opens tomorrow.   The Dow already drop more than 300 points as of 11 pm Thursday, February 27, 2020.  

This is how the market closed today, Thursday, February 27, 2020. 

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