These 6 stocks are performing poorly and it’s time to make a trade action

Investing means putting money to work to make money, and to make money, it’s important to know what you are doing and how to tackle it.  Sometimes we try to put out money up to simulate the stock exchange and report the result to our readers.  We decided to invest in 6 stocks, for over 6 months period and this is the result.  

At Investingport we put N50,00 in our investment account. We bought some stocks with it and here is what happened. 


·      DANCEM

·      NB


·      UACN

·      UBA



Our start out account balance was N50,000, we spent N42,000 and change on all 6 stocks, it went up to about. That left us with N8046.95 in cash. The total account balance went up to N52,384.


It seems like the account was heading in the right direction, but now the stock is going down, the account is now in Negative.


It now worth N45,653, We are in red for about N4,347.00. Our investment account is down by 8.7 Percent. 


We will continue to watch the account, the Nigeria stock exchange should focus on growth so that Investors can be rewarded for committing money to the exchange.


Out of the 6 stocks mentioned above, we feel strongly about Zenithbank, UBA bank, and Transcorp. These stocks are on the track for a turnaround and it bets on them should pay off very soon.

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