These stocks has stopped performing, what is wrong?

There are very small avenues for Nigerians to make money besides their salary. Given that the unemployment rate is high, it means that people have to look elsewhere to make money. The Nigeria stock exchange is the area that used to work for people.


Investors in Nigeria will buy the Nigerian stock exchange stocks like Dangote, MTNN, FlourMill, NB, Unity bank,  Baucement and others.


However, the stocks have stopped performing for investors, many of them have been losing money for years and then the Naira is also losing value.



Case study – INTBREW


INTBREW is a stock symbol for International Breweries PLC, the company makes products such as Budweiser, Trophy Lager, and Trophy Stout.


Nigerian International breweries used to carry more products, however, it seems they are down to just three products now.


Few notables


The last financial report statement listed on the Nigerian International breweries’ website is the statement for 2021. We could not locate any 2022 quarter reports on the company’s website.


Given that International breweries have not made their financial report available on time this year. That will be a major concern.

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