This Nigerian Agrotech has just raised $790,000 in seed funding round

A $790,000 seed fundraising round from Founders Factory Africa and other angel investor organizations has been finalized by Winich Farms, a top producer of food solutions and a supplier of inventories. The money will be used to develop long-lasting solutions for the agro utility sector.

Winich Farms is an agritech group that is revolutionizing the farm-to-retail sector by employing technology to eliminate intermediaries and enhance the distribution and sales of agricultural products. Winich Farms facilitates the purchasing and selling processes between farmers and small merchants and manufacturers. Transactions and payments between sellers and buyers are also settled within 24 hours.

Farmers regain their profit when unnecessary middlemen are reduced, and small- to medium-sized businesses, as well as manufacturers, can operate more effectively with readily available goods.

In Nigeria, middlemen are frequently used to transport farm produce from the local farmers to merchants. These middlemen create more expenses food producers and sellers. Those farmers who don't have a direct connection to the manufacturers, sometimes struggle with poor product storage and inconsistent supply line. Due to the current ineffective supply chain, food is more expensive overall and harder to get.

Agritech businesses have emerged to address these issues with food distribution; to date, they have raised $115.4 million in funding and offered digital solutions to issues with finances and other aspects of agriculture.

The food situation in the country is at its worst since it closed its borders in 2019 to stop the importation of some food and other items and to improve border security. The expenditure on imports rose by 62 percent as a result of this border closure, according to Techcabal.

Winich farms is committed to resolving the distribution network issue and is at the frontline of ensuring food security in Africa with over 29,000 active food farmers linked to the network and a supply chain capable of moving 127 tonnes of product from farms to companies everyday. Winich Farms offers cost-effective sustainable agricultural solutions by cutting down on food waste and enhancing food quality and distribution effectiveness in Nigeria.

Since its founding in 2019, Winich Farms aims to create the biggest and most effective farm produce distribution network platform across Africa. Riches Attai, co-founder and CEO of the company, stated that the platform plans to harness its capabilities and resources to develop new product categories and client groups while solving complicated supply chain issues with simple solutions.

The mobile app, which was released in June, is one way they're producing solutions. The farm hopes to increase productivity and convenience for farmers and manufacturers in the food production and distribution sector through its mobile app. This way, all parties involved in the distribution process can maintain live, traceable contact with themselves in addition to direct communication.

Traceability was the first difficulty in running Winich Farms. It previously used WhatsApp live location to address the issue. All through the delivery, drivers used the platform to communicate their live location with suppliers. This tracking feature will now be implemented into the platform immediately with the introduction of the mobile app.



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