Top 5 Lucrative Fintech Job Opportunities in Nigeria

Even in 2023, the FinTech sector continues to grow at an exponential rate in Nigeria with more fintech startups springing up. The term "fintech" refers to the rapidly developing fusion of financial services and technological advancements. It might include companies that deal with asset management, insurance, managing personal finances, etc. These frequently compete fiercely with established banking institutions. But what opportunities do job searchers currently have? You might be shocked to learn that, in most cases, employment in the fintech industry doesn't even require prior expertise in the financial services industry. The top 5 high-paying Fintech jobs in Nigeria are listed below:

Top 5 Highest Paying Fintech Jobs in Nigeria

Below are some of the best pating fintech jobs:

Blockchain Developer

You can work as a blockchain developer, communicate with customers looking for blockchain solutions, and support businesses in modernizing their platforms. One of the FinTech industry's fastest-growing, highest-paying, and most in-demand job categories is blockchain. Languages like C++ and Java are needed, as well as expertise in Ripple, Solidity, and Hyperledger Fabric. The basic responsibilities for this role entail developing and improving blockchain protocols, controlling front- or back-end development, and keeping an eye on smart contracts and data centralization and decentralization. 

How Much Do Blockchain Developers Earn In Nigeria

According to, the average annual salary of a blockchain developer in Nigeria is dependent on years of experience on the job. Blockchain developers in Nigeria with 0 - 2 Years of experience can expect to earn somewhere in the region of 2,076,600 NGN while a blockchain developer with 2 - 5 Years of experience can earn up to 2,543,000 NGN. Developers with 5 - 10 Years of experience can earn around 3,610,800 NGN while those with 10 - 15 Years of experience can earn an annual salary of 4,224,200 NGN. 15 - 20 Years of experience on the job will earn an average of 4,642,200 NGN. However, a more skillful blockchain developer in Nigeria can earn way more than 4,908,200 NGN per annum.

App Developer

Ever since the advent of fintech solutions, there has always been a huge demand for mobile solutions and for individuals with the ability to develop them. Since the appetite of tech-savvy millennial consumers is what drives financing, fintech apps have seen phenomenal growth over the past several years. Because of this, there is always a demand for secure, cutting-edge, and ground-breaking smartphone solutions from app developers. Skills needed include analytical abilities, database knowledge, knowledge of JavaScript, deep learning, AI, and programming languages like Python, Java, and C++, among others. Roles and Responsibilities: Comprehend the client's app requirements, pinpoint crucial specifications, collaborate with IT specialists, build inventive prototypes, produce high-caliber source codes, carry out integration before launch, troubleshoot applications, track down bugs, test and categorize apps, and more.

In Nigeria, the average salary of an app developer working in Fintech is around 333,000 NGN based on the information we obtained from salary explorer

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are always needed in fintech to create and monitor firm budgets about incoming income. Additionally, they carry out analysis, compile financial reports, undertake business studies, and research market trends. Additionally, employers are looking for graduates with the ability to conduct data analysis with clients. Skills A bachelor's degree in accounting, economics, finance, mathematics, or statistics is required, as well as CFA status. Responsibilities and roles: monitor the business's financial performance, research the market, make strategic decisions, and work Perform variance analysis, make forecasts, and build models in close collaboration with the accounts team. 

How Much Do Financial Analysts Earn In Nigeria

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a financial analyst in Nigeria working in fintech is $20,0000 per annum.

Product Manager

To manage the product development lifecycle, product owners or managers are involved in a variety of tasks and duties. Product Experts are in charge of keeping a line of high-quality FinTech products in good condition, from design, architecture, and development until the point at which it reaches the target audience. A product management degree from a bachelor's or master's program is required, along with marketing, organizational, and relevant technical abilities. Understanding user needs, keeping an eye on market trends, defining the product's vision, ranking the product's features, collaborating with internal and external stakeholders, carrying out a shared vision, etc.

How Much Do Product Managers Earn In Nigeria

According to Glassdoor, the estimated total salary for a Product Manager in Nigeria working in fintech is NGN 540,000 per month.

Cybersecurity Expert/ Analyst

The inherent cyber hazards in the digital sphere make it extremely dangerous. Furthermore, because financial services generally involve more money, they are among the main targets for hackers. As a result, FinTech has a huge demand for cybersecurity specialists. Companies spend more money on crime prevention, and demand for these individuals is projected to skyrocket in the upcoming years. Digital communication, incident investigation, governance, risk management, compliance, virtualization, technological expertise, and analytical abilities are required capabilities. Conduct vulnerability testing, oversee security access, conduct security audits, spot security lapses, assess the best testing tools, manage a team, and provide awareness training. These are some of the roles and responsibilities. Although the work is mostly done on-site, you might need to travel for client meetings.

How Much Does A Cybersecurity Expert/Analyst Earn In Nigeria

According to PayScale, the average annual salary for a Cyber Security expert/analyst that works in Fintech in Nigeria ranges from ₦2,400,000 to ₦6,500,000. Glassdoor reports a similar range, with an average of ₦4,000,000 per year. However, MySalaryScale indicates that the average annual salary for a Cyber Security Analyst is around ₦4,800,000.

FinTech is a rapidly growing industry with lots of potential. The majority of individuals in the future will be curious to find out more and investigate their options. Due to the nature of the labor, the sector also produces high-paying positions.

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