Top 9 Entry-Level Jobs for Political Science Graduates

Political science is the study of all spheres of governmental and political activity. Anyone interested in politics can consider studying political science because several career options in the field have various connections to politics. It can be beneficial to learn about the entry-level positions available if you're interested in beginning a career in political science so you can get started quickly. Continue if you are interested in political science jobs in Nigeria

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Entry-Level Jobs For Political Science Graduates

These are the kinds of jobs that often target recent graduates looking to break into the field of political science. Many entry-level positions in political science center on gathering and analyzing data because the work can entail conducting large amounts of research and understanding complex material. During election seasons, you may often see several entry-level political science opportunities because political campaigns frequently include positions for interns or lower-level staff members that also provide them the chance to learn about working as a political professional.

Legislative Assistant

A legislative assistant aids lawmakers in the documentation-making process for new laws. Legislative assistants can evaluate and edit written legislation and memos to guarantee the accuracy, conduct legal research to find out more about the need for new laws, and produce resolutions and memorials for the legislature. A legislative assistant is also capable of carrying out administrative duties like taking calls, setting up schedules, and managing interns.

Junior Research Analyst

A junior research analyst contributes to research on an organization's operations to boost productivity. Under the supervision of a senior research analyst or the manager of a research team, junior research analysts can carry out tasks, identify market and consumer performance trends that can guide new business ventures at a company, and analyze data to ascertain how an organization can improve performance following consumer preferences and market trends. A junior research analyst in political science might work on a political campaign and aid candidates in winning votes using the data they uncover.

Public Relations Assistant

An assistant in public relations works with other public relations specialists to develop and preserve the public image of specific customers and organizations. They may be responsible for producing marketing materials for clients, taking calls from current and potential customers, and disseminating information to the public via various channels like email newsletters and social media posts. By scheduling meetings and distributing communications, public relations assistants can also help clients and the public relations manager communicate.

Political Assistant

To improve the popularity and success of political candidates, political consultants work on their campaigns. By disseminating memos and press releases, political consultants can improve communication between political candidates and the general public, protect a candidate's reputation by managing their social media and public relations efforts, and create fundraising plans that may include holding special events or directly approaching potential donors. A political consultant might also research other candidates to ascertain what actions they can do to outperform them.


A paralegal is a member of the legal community who assists attorneys with case preparation. Writing drafts of legal documents that attorneys want, researching ongoing cases by looking through evidence and files, and acquiring case-related material, such as affidavits and witness testimonies, are just a few of the many duties that paralegals may be assigned. By arranging and keeping files, a paralegal can also preserve the records for both active and concluded cases.

Policy Analyst

By analyzing present policies and identifying areas for improvement, a policy analyst contributes to the creation of new government policies. They may meet with stakeholders and government agencies to debate the need for new policies in particular sectors of government, perform research on existing policies to decide which may require revision or amendment, and gather data to back up the new policies they develop. Policy analysts can also come up with remedies to certain problems that the public raises, such as a need for more regulations.

Personal Assistant

A personal assistant can help a public office holder carry out administrative and other activities that a manager delegated to them. Personal assistants may be responsible for tasks including scheduling clients, locating information in databases or archives, and responding to inquiries from the public or other staff members. The majority of political science staff assistants find jobs on political campaigns or with governmental organizations where they can put their general experience to use in a range of different capacities.

Management Consultant

By analyzing a company's operations and providing recommendations on how to strengthen its management procedures, a management consultant aids enterprises. Management consultants can meet with managers and other company leaders to learn about the management style currently in use, review company data to get an understanding of a company's performance, and provide recommendations for how a company can improve management, which typically improves overall performance. A management consultant in political science could collaborate with leaders or campaign managers at political or governmental offices.

Market Researcher

A market researcher gathers and examines information about a specific market or industry. Market researchers can research a specific market to learn about its customers and rivals, develop proposals for new research projects to help people find innovative solutions for market challenges, and prepare reports to share their findings with other team members and the general public. Market researchers in political science could concentrate on gaining knowledge about a particular political party or carry out tasks that support an election campaign.

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