TransferGo and High Impact Careers Unite to Empower African Youths in the Tech Sector

In an exciting move to support African migrants in Europe, TransferGo has recently announced a groundbreaking partnership with High Impact Careers. This collaboration aims to provide essential assistance to African youths by offering them an invaluable opportunity to enhance their skills and thrive in the technology sector.

As part of this visionary initiative, TransferGo will proudly sponsor African youths to participate in an intensive 10-week tech boot camp. This transformative program will equip them with a diverse range of indispensable skills, including web development, project management, data analysis, cybersecurity, and essential soft skills. By investing in their development, TransferGo seeks to empower African migrants and enable them to make substantial contributions in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

•Marius Nedelcu, the Chief Marketing Officer at TransferGo, expressed:

“We are thrilled to be playing a vital role in impacting the lives of young Africans here in Europe. Upskilling serves as a life-changing factor and we’re delighted to partner with High Impact Careers to help open up opportunities for the cohort of learners into the world of tech,” 

Recognizing the Value of African Migrants, TransferGo Fosters Inclusivity and Empowerment

This strategic partnership between TransferGo and High Impact Careers exemplifies the company's unwavering dedication to empowering migrants. Recognizing the immense value and remarkable contributions made by African migrants to global economies, TransferGo is committed to fostering an inclusive environment that provides knowledge, opportunities, and essential financial services to this vibrant community.

TransferGo's Expansion to African Markets Drives Remarkable Financial Growth

With TransferGo's extended money transfer services now reaching Africa, the company has made significant strides in supporting the continent's financial landscape. TransferGo facilitates seamless transfers to a wide range of African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco, and an impressive list of 35 other nations. The impact of this expansion has been truly remarkable, as evidenced by the extraordinary first quarter of 2023. During this period, TransferGo witnessed an astonishing 56% increase in money flow compared to the previous quarter of 2022. Not only did this growth surpass revenue targets, but it also resulted in a phenomenal 94% revenue increase from African markets.

•In light of the new partnership, COO of High Impact Careers, Seun Adedeji said: 

“Our mission is to build a pipeline of tech and non-tech talents—which includes transferring tech skillsets to individuals who can not only benefit personally but who can go on to disrupt the tech space.  Our partnership with TransferGo has helped us reach more of those individuals and the ripple effect of that impact is as infinite as time itself.”

Through their strategic partnership and impressive achievements in the African market, TransferGo is poised to shape the future of cross-border financial services. By providing African migrants with access to invaluable skills, TransferGo empowers them to thrive in the tech industry and contribute meaningfully to the global digital revolution. This visionary approach underscores TransferGo's unwavering commitment to creating a brighter future for African migrants while promoting economic growth and innovation on a global scale.

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