Travel is back, is it time to invest in Airline stocks?

A lot of market fluctuations as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic has caused many transportation stocks to tank temporarily. Especially the Airline stocks. Delta Airline, United Airline, Spirit Airline, and more tanked to 52 weeks low at the onset of Covid-19, then it bounced back again.  


Although these stocks have climbed up from the 52 weeks low, a quite number of them are yet to be back at the previous 52 weeks high price that it was selling at before the pandemic.  Also, we saw some accredited investors like Warren Buffet selling all airline stocks. 


Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Sold $6.1 Billion In Airline Stocks, Exiting All Positions


Airline stocks current prices as of May 2021


DAL stock current price is selling at 45.57. (52 weeks high 52.28)

AAL – American airline stock selling at $22.85 (52 weeks high 26.09)

UAL – United Airline stock selling at $57.70. (52 weeks high 63.7)

LUV – South West Airline Stock selling at $61.78 (52 weeks high 64.75)


These are just a few stocks that are worth taking a look at.  The pandemic is still here but the fatality has reduced drastically due to the vaccine availability. However, it's shocking that these stock prices are already up before the business starts seeing full customer return to flights.


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