What a rough week for the stock market


The best way to make money now is to invest and then that is also the easiest way to lose money. Many people who made a lot of money in the stock market last year have given all of the money back and they are now in trouble. 



Inflation and the war in Russia are affecting the world economy, the Dow and the Nasdaq are down by a lot and investors are suffering.  Many stock positions will be liquidated by the end of the year and that means more downturns for the stock prices.


Also, some big funds will have to close their shop, which means that they must sell a huge amount of stocks that will be hitting the market on the sell side.


More sellers in the market than buyers will simply mean more red trading days for the stock market.


So what should you do now?


The answer is simple, as investors, you must be ready to forget about the stock prices and focus on the company itself. Think of your investments as shares in a company. If you buy part of a great company, you will be rewarded in the future. Think long-term.

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