What to do when the Stock market is selling off

At investingport, we pride ourselves in helping the home gamers to decide on what to do when the stock market is selling off.  Whenever any investment portfolio turns red, comes the panic, and it leads to panic stock selling.  This means that the investors rush to dump their stocks with the hope that they'll wait until things get better before buying again. 

Things getting better means the stock market bouncing back and turning green, at this point, most of the losses are already made back and the investors end up buying at a very high price.  We'll like to use this opportunity to remind people that the best way to make money in the stock market is to buy when everyone is panicking and selling and then sell some stocks, meaning take some profit when the thing gets better. 

More importantly, make sure your portfolio is diversified. 

What is happening on the stock exchange today

  • The tech stocks are down
  • The dow is down by 471 points 

What we are doing or what investors should be doing right now is to look to buy more of any good stocks in their portfolio that hs become cheaper as the result of the current selloff. Double down and make more when the market settles and turns green.

The reasons why this stock is tanking 

  • People taking profits 
  • The debt ceiling and the risk of the USA defaulting 
  • The covid pandemic impact on the workforce 

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