Why is Match.com stock price going up today?

Match is an online dating website with a monthly subscription plan.  According to Match dating company, the online dating site has over 11.1 million subscribers, that is over 11 million people that are looking for love and they are willing to pay between $18.00 to 34.99 per month.  This is a lot of money in monthly revenue when you consider the growing number or people that are searching for love online.

Membership Type

Membership Length

Membership Cost

Standard Plan

12 Months

$18.99 per month

Premium Plan

3 Months

$34.99 per month

Premium Plan

6 Months

$24.99 per month

Premium Plan

12 Months

$19.99 per month


Why is Match online dating stock going up today? Earlier today, the company announced that it is joining the S%P 500. This move is expected to boost the stock’s 'buy' demand, as a result, it may reflect in the stock price soaring higher. Match stock symbol is MTCH and the company's stock is selling for $158 per share, that about 5.4 percent yield year to date. 


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