Why is the stock market crashing today?

The market is down today and it's down a lot as it feels like a stock market is crashing.   But we are not going to use the word crash yet since the market still up for the year in some stocks, especially the technology stocks.

 The DOW is down by 807 points (2.79%), S&P is down by 125 points ( -3.51 %), and the Nasdaq is down by 598 points (4.96%).


The tech companies are down and Apple is on its way for its worst day since March.  Facebook, Amazon, and Alphabet were all down at least 4.7%. Microsoft was down by 5.5%. Netflix draws back by 3.3%. The S&P 500 tech sector traded 5.6% lower and was on track for its biggest one-day decline since June 11, when it fell 5.8%. The sector was also headed for its first losing session in 11 trading days.

Ther is no evident reason why the market is selling off today. We will continue to dig things up and bring you an update soon. 

What we know about today's stock market. 

  • The market has been up a lot 
  • Tesla plans to sell $5 billion in shares 
  • People are taking profit
  • The Tech stocks that have been dragging the market higher pulled back today
  • Institution money is still waiting on the sideline 
  • Worst day since June for stocks
  • Dow closes Negative for 2020
  • All 11 S&P Sectores close lower
  • Dow down 1,024 at low
  • Nasdaq breaks 4-day winning streak

Day 2 of the stock market 

Today we saw the technology stocks selling off again.  Apple (AAPL) is down by 4 points, Tesla (TSLA) is down by 5 % as of this morning.  

Today's stock market news

  • Payroll increase by nearly 1.4 million as the unemployment rate tumbles.
  • Nasdaq Composite sheds 2%
  • Credit Suisse upgraded Michaels with an outperform ratings from neutral
  • Citi downgraded Lululemon to neutral, was initially at a buy
  • JMP raised Peleton's price target to $109
  • Bank of America Downgrades Wayfair to Neutral, was previously at buy
  • Argus Downgrades Baxter to hold from buy

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