Work remotely home jobs in Lagos and improving work productivity

A lot of people have been working remotely from home since covid came and employers are forced to find another way to get people to get work done or they will have to close shops.


Normally, people would have to drive into the office to work, they will go through traffic, wasting a lot of time between home and work before they get started with work for the day. 


Remote work simply means people work from anywhere and technology has made it easy to do. The only issue is the effect of working from home on employees’ productivity.


When employee work from the comfort of their home, it may affect their performance. Working at the office in the presence of the supervisor or manager makes it tough to procrastinate and waste time while on the employer’s clock. Supervisors and shift managers are in place to monitor work and to enforce accountability which in return improves the team’s productivity. 


Time spent at work is expected to be time spent towards productivity. However, time spent at home working remotely, may or may not affect productivity in a negative way. Working from home in Lagos and improving productivity can only be attained with good discipline. Lagos is a busy city with lots of distractions. There are many reasons for employees to miss work, miss deadlines, or not turned in work when they are due. There are power issues in Lagos, Nigeria, traffic issues, Network issues, and many other day-to-day problems that can affect remote work from home in a negative way. Improving productivity means that employees are accountable and employers also have to do a lot of monitoring.


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