YouTube Launches 'YouTube Create' App for Content Creators

Earlier today, YouTube announced the introduction of a new app specially created to help YouTube content creators create and edit videos. The free tool will help creators make both short and longer videos without hassle. 

Before now, creators have been having issues editing their videos, such as adding GIFs, effects, and stickers. But this free tool has reduced the burden.

The company said it had a discussion with 3,000 creators, and with their feedback, YouTube was able to design it to meet their individual needs.

To make good use of the tool, creators are expected to add their clips, and then go ahead and choose from a range of editing tools already available on the app. 

It offers preview splits and trim clips as they are editing the video. Also, there are thousands of stickers, GIFs, and other interesting features available.

To make the app more suitable, creators are provided with YouTube's library of royalty-free tracks to enable them to choose from thousands of songs to make their videos interesting.

All songs provided are copyright-safe allowing YouTubers to monetize their videos without worry. The tool also helps in syncing the beats of the song to the video to make everything flow.

The app also helps with audio cleanup to remove unwanted background sounds to keep your editing top-notch. It also generates up-to-date captions that can be added to the video with just a tap and exports the final edited video to the creator's YouTube channel.

The app is available for Android and is launching in beta in eight markets worldwide (U.S., Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, India, Korea, and Singapore).

The company said it would continue to make sure the app is up-to-date with features for creators as it rolls out.

How the YouTube Create App Interface Looks Like

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