Basketball king LeBron James is expected to dump Coca-Cola to sign a big money endorsement deal with Pepsi

LeBron James is a millionaire who is on his way to becoming a billionaire very soon. He made most of his money from playing basketball before venturing into many businesses and now he is about to sign a big endorsement deal with Pepsi.  


LeBron James is a very talented basketball player and, as a result, his talent has opened many endorsement doors for him. He signed an endorsement deal with Coca-Cola 18 years ago. He helped Coca-Cola to market most of their brand products to profitability, the contract is expiring and he has refused to renew his contract.


LeBron James is now ready to switch over to Coca-Cola’s rival, Pepsi, he is expected to sign a multiyear deal with Pepsi when his contract with Coca-Cola expires in September 2021.


According to yahoo sports, a Coca-Cola spokesperson told Front Office Sports that LeBron James’ deal with the company expired in September:


“LeBron’s contract came up at a time when both he and The Coca-Cola Company were actively reviewing all of its resources to make sure it was investing in places that ensured long-term growth,” Coca-Cola said. “After many discussions with Lebron and his team, we mutually agreed to part ways.”


LeBron James is making a lot of money through endorsements, he averages about $50 million per year in endorsement deal earnings.


As of the year 2021, LeBron James is worth at least half a billion dollars ($500, Million).  He is expected to make $135 million with the Lakers in just 4 years.


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