Bernie Sander v Elon Musk here we go as the fight continues

Bernie Sander took a jab at Elon Musk and accused him of being unfair. “You're a billionaire — great, good for you. You want to zoom around on a rocket and pretend you're an astronaut? That's fine, it's a free country. But don't ask for government subsidies to do it and then whine when you're asked to pay your fair share of taxes. Senator Bernie Sanders wrote to Elon.


The two have been going back and forth for a while now, Elon once said, “I forgot that you are still alive to Bernie Sanders “ a big insult from Elon Musk, almost a form of bullying since Elon wished death on Bernie Sanders.


Today, Bernie has the time to respond and he was right to ask Elon why he loves to collect money from the government but doesn’t want to pay his taxes when it’s time to do so.


Elon Musk is worth $279 billion as of today December 10, 2021, but he doesn’t see the need to pay his taxes.  

Elon Musk Makes Billions From Money Losing Tesla And Lost His Mind " I Keep Forgetting You Are Still Alive"... Elon Said To Bernie Sanders.

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